GED Integrated Solutions provides you with the industry’s most comprehensive line of glass fabrication equipment systems. In fact, every step in the process is supported by innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology.

Learn how GED equipment can help maximize your production process by exploring our IGU manufacturing solutions for cutting, washing, ovens, extruders and pumps, Intercept® spacer frame fabrication, grid and muntin fabrication, assembly and material handling for insulating glass units production.

Explore GED’s Glass Fabrication Systems

Intercept® Spacer Fabrication

Intercept® ULTRA Conversion
Intercept® 2.5
Intercept® i-3


1600 Series
6000 Series


Water Purification Systems
Stainless Steel Glass Washer


IG Oven & Roll Press

Extruders & Pumps

Smart i-3 Extruder Plus
Hot Melt Pump

Grid & Muntin Fabrication Systems

Two-Tone Muntin Material

Material Handling

Free-Fall Glass Rack & Base
Glass Harp Carts
IGU Carts
Roller & Caster Tables
Overhead Conveyor System
Muntin Assembly Station
Muntin Tree