Smart i-3 Extruder Plus

The controlled system delivers the right amount to the right location.

About Smart i-3 Extruder Plus

The Smart i-3 Extruder Plus provides precise, consistent application of sealants. The controlled system delivers the right amount to the right location. The precision gear pump eliminates pressure spikes and reduces inconsistencies due to material viscosity, air pressure or ambient temperature. Provides precise metering of sealant where it is needed.


  • Fully automatic changeovers – easy to use with no downtimes
  • Multi-nozzle desiccant system – fewer delays due to spacer size changes
  • Highly accurate, precise gear pump design provides material savings and consistent high quality and eliminates compensation
  • Controlled product application applies sealant and desiccant to within 0.1 grams/foot of desired thickness for improved quality and cost savings
  • Touch screen with simple to use interface provides easy set-up, operation, maintenance and trouble shooting
  • Precisely controlled application metering and readout ensures quality control and tracking throughout the shift
  • Compatible with butyl, desiccated matrix, polyisobutylene and DSE materials
  • Smart Extruder provides reliable performance gear pumps with long service life, belt-driven conveyors and new seal designs mean less maintenance
  • Real-time pressure control throughout the system eliminates fluctuations due to air pressure, material viscosity, and ambient temperature changes