Get enhanced spacer inventory types for GED's ThinPlate, ULTRA and BlackLine products, plus improved spacer selection in “Order Entry” form, with LeanNET® WinIG i-3 software.
  • Supports GED’s ThinPlate, ULTRA, and BlackLine spacer types and improved “Order Entry” spacer selection
  • “Easy Touch” schedule building and releasing using the “Local Pass Through” feature
  • State-of-the-art glass optimization


Add or remove schedules from selected conveyor lines without stopping WinFrame − a scrap reduction and production efficiency-boosting software.
  • “Change Schedules” feature
  • New “GED Schedules” can be continually added to the production group
  • Enhanced “Spacer Type” Selection

Glass On Demand

IG unit supervisors can now load balance IGU production, maximize throughput and drive down IGU fabrication costs with LeanNET® Glass On Demand software.
  • Dynamically set or change the sequence of production for each IG unit line
  • Sets production priority for all IG units machinery
  • JIT (Just In Time) scheduling and production monitoring from a single source, increasing machine efficiency and reducing WIP (Work In Progress)

Grid Manager

With no-hassle integration of custom grids into WinIG, LeanNET® Grid Manager improves operational efficiency.
  • Integrates Grid Designer template information into WinIG version 2.x merge files
  • Automatically converts WinIG version 1.x merges files to version 2.x merge files
  • Pertinent patterns can be flagged to automatically display for pass-fail inspection

Inspection Station

Improve your IG unit assembly with a visual display of IGU components and their orientation in the production sequence with LeanNET® Inspection.
  • Visually displays assembled IGUs, and next 3 IGUs of a production sequence
  • Insert repair or rush IGUs into the production sequence
  • Easy “Single Touch” (touch screen or foot pedal) operation buttons, with process status and rejection status symbols

File Manager

With simple rules-based setup, configurations, and integrations, LeanNET® File Manager allows each rule to be specifically tailored to meet processing rules, interface constraints and formats.
  • Simple rules-based setup of external machines, reports / labels and GED file conversions
  • Individual rules allow customer selectivity for file, machine interfaces and report and label generation
  • Individual “Rule Management” for unparalleled flexibility


Take the guess work out of IGU manufacturing by logging real-time data for current and historical analysis using LeanNET® i-Sight software.
  • Real-time logging of GED machinery data
  • Production viewers for Intercept® machines, grid machines, and cutting tables
  • Real-time manufacturing KPI (Key Performance Indicators)