MC SeriesAutomated Batch Cutting Saws

Batch cutting and parts processing with customized fixturing and material clamping to suit your particular needs for high-speed production.
  • MC-2000: Tandem “V” notch style miter (45°) saw head with direct driven blades
  • MC-3000: Individual upcut style miter (45°) saw heads with direct driven blades
  • Automatic in-feed pusher system

RoboFlow™with QB Technology

The RoboFlow™ system follows an integrated computerized schedule or bar code-generated schedule to orchestrate the movements and flow of multi-stack vinyl frames or sashes onto a conveyor to the QB (material handling robot).
  • Eliminating frame handling between welder, cleaner and assembly lines for optimized flow and operator safety
  • 4-point welder with the ability to automatically transfer up to 4 frames per weld cycle to the QB-2000
  • Conveyors and robotic handling of precision welded frames between frame welder and RC-2000 reduce labor