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31100 Diamond Parkway
Glenwillow, Ohio 44139
P: 330-963-5401
F: 216-539-0677
Hours: Mon-Fri, 8AM – 5PM



Bill Weaver

President & CEO

O: 440-600-8484

Steve Lang

Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

O: 440-600-8493

Tim McGlinchy

Executive Vice President of Engineering and R&D

O: 440-600-8584

Kevin Felix

Vice President of Operations

O: 440-600-8550

Joe Shaheen

S. Joseph Shaheen

Vice President of Sales

O: 440-600-8604

John C. Moore

Vice President of Marketing

O: 440-600-8533


S. Joseph Shaheen

Director of Sales

O: 440-600-8604

Michelle Murray

Product / Sales Coordinator

O: 440-600-8605

Mike Burke

Eastern Region Sales Manager

O: 440-600-8600

M: 631-404-7992

Tom Calcei

Midwest Region Sales Manager

O: 440-600-8601

M: 330-256-8042

Greg Frasher

Southern Region Sales Manager

O: 440-600-8602

M: 330-807-2407

Chad Kegans

Western Region Sales Manager

M: 970-566-5022

Bill Perry

Software Sales Manager

O: 440-600-8613

M: 330-730-3224

Human Resources

Laura Samblanet, PHR

Human Resources Generalist

O: 440-600-8505


John C. Moore

Vice President of Marketing

O: 440-600-8533

Laura Fiegelist

Marketing Communications Coordinator

O: 440-600-8531

M: 330-840-8094